Friday, February 25, 2011

2nd post.

So, it's been awhile. 
             Over the past couple of months since I last posted, we passed through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.  Thanksgiving I ate too much, drank a little, and spent time with family. Christmas I spent too much, drank a little, and spent time with the fam again. New years I went to a hockey game were I yelled too much, drank a little and yes, spent time with the family.
              So that brings us up to speed.  I have been working and slightly planning a wedding. I say slightly because Amber, my fiancĂ©e, has done the majority of the work, which is probably a good thing. I'm not much of a wedding planner. However, doesn't mean I can slack off, I still have to get in shape so I look good in my suit and on the honeymoon.
              After plenty of thought I decided that I need not only get my body in shape but my mind also.  I need to expand my knowledge as well as my muscles.  My plan; start each month with a category, nutrition for instance. Each week in the month I will do something everyday in the week that pertains to nutrition. Be a vegetarian for example for a week. At the end of the week blog about how I feel, what I did/ate, and so forth.  The next week I will go gluten free, then something else. I'll do this for 4 weeks(one month) each time telling you how it made me feel, changes I made for the better, I'll blog recipes, explanations, post pictures and/or vids, answer questions that anyone might have.
              Now that I have a plan, I need some categories. Nutrition obviously first and then;
2. Reading
3. Outdoor activities
4. Fitness

5. Foreign language
6. Art
...that's all i have right now.
            Because I have to be little more physical so I can look good for her majesty I will continue to exercise outside of the fitness and outdoor activities months.  Just not as rigorous.
            So, starting Sunday Feb. 27, I become vegetarian for a week. I feel better already. See you in a week.