Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Let’s talk bourbon. More specifically, maker’s mark Kentucky straight bourbon whisky. As you know from my last post I received a bottle for my birthday. Now (and I’m reading out loud as I write in a Kentucky accent) I’m no whisky drinker on a regular basis but I have been interested in getting more into it recently, hence the reason for the bottle as a gift, not because I’m a raging alcoholic. Back to the bourbon, I have read only a few things on how to drink it because, well, it’s a drink, how hard could it be. Much to my knowledge there is a lot that goes into a good whisky from the distilling process to aging to drinking. The distilling process makes no matter (Kentucky accent) to me because I ain’t makin’ it, I’m drankin’ it. What I have read is the true way to drink it is more of a relaxed  sip rather than a shot at the bar like I have in the past. What I learned is the proper way  to drink it is neat, which means straight out of the bottle room temp into a glass, no ice. Or you can be a little bit of a wuss and drink it with a side of ice water or a tiny splash in your drink. If you ad ice, on the rocks, that is apparently a huge no-no for true bourbon fans and that goes for all whisky no matter where its from Kentucky, Tennessee, Canada, Ireland or Scotland which is called scotch (we’ll get to that bottle later). Well I took the low road and added an ice cube because, well, I’m no whisky drinker, at least not yet. I opened the bottle and took a huge whiff and was surprised. I expected a burn just as I sniffed but instead was met by a sweet, smoky, oak aroma as they described in the ads. The smell was majestic, marvelous, manly. I wish my house smelled of it. I smiled as I poured what some would call a two finger amount added an ice cube and stared at it for what seemed an eternity. The color was a crystal clear amber. Have you ever seen the first Jurassic Park, when the old man looks at his cane with the piece of amber and the mosquito stuck in it? Yea, it was like that except in a liquid form. Speaking of Jurassic Park, there is a fourth one coming out soon. Speaking more of Jurassic park, that old man looked kind of like Colonel Sanders who was from Kentucky and I bet the Colonel drank bourbon. Actually the actor who played the old man is from Scotland so I bet he drinks scotch. Ok back the glass in hand, I was ready for my first sip. I took another sniff but this time from the glass, same aroma a little less strong, I was getting excited. I took a tiny sip and it hit my lips with a slight burn but smooth going down then a lingering burn. “Not bad,” I thought. I went for my second after a few minutes, again, a small sip with the same result but a little less burn this time. Then my third a little later but this time a bigger sip no burn and only a slight tingle to the lips. That was the way to go. Not a gulp but a normal, man size sip. Smooth, oaky, slightly sweet, the right amount of all. The last few went the same way, almost perfect. It was a good start to my whisky… challenge? Yea I said it. It’s been a while since I did one of them there challenges and I am over due. Broaden my cocktail horizons challenges. As I continue with the Makers Mark I’ll fill you in and then it will come scotch time something I’m really looking forward to. For now I’ll finish this glass and until next time… raise your glasses to whisky.

BBQ and Baseball

BBQ, baseball, blueberry pie, beer, and bourbon what could sound more American? For my birthday, the big 32, my amazing wife made, from scratch, a blueberry cheesecake. It was delicious and as I was stuffing my face she made mention that it was low in fat. A short pause, a shrug of the shoulders, and I continue to shove it down my throat like I have never eaten before. After I cleared my plate, seconds later, I was able to mutter the words, “I don’t care, it’s delicious.” Then I went and got a second helping. Along with the cheesecake, she also got me some new running gear and a sling-and-pulley system to hang my kayak in the garage. Later in the week her parents stopped by and with them came my presents of Makers Mark Bourbon and a single malt scotch from Glenmorangie distillery in Scotland. What a birthday it was.

the ruins of a full rack 
This past Saturday Columbus was hosting their annual rib and jazz fest that brings in backyard vendors from all over the country. When we arrived it was a row of massive trailers and signs as tall as a three story building showcasing their past awards. Over 300 internaitional wins, worlds best, 2013 champion and so they went on into the clouds. We chose to grab some of “Famous Dave’s” because they sounded good and the line was a bit shorter than some of the others. Seems a place with a shorter line wouldn’t be as good but they were DAMN good. A full rack of ribs, 2 pork sandwiches, a pound of beans and slaw, with a slice of cornbread is what we ordered between four of us. Washed it down with a cold beer and we were set. Earlier that week I got two free passes for a hospitality tent at the rib fest which included free parking, always a plus and the garage was only a block away. The tent, actually a building that is used for events and weddings, was guarded by event staff that gave us two drink tickets upon entering, free beer another plus. We dusted off those two Budweiser’s by the river chatting about whatever and letting the food settle.

Full of beer and BBQ we headed to Huntington Park to watch a Clippers’ game. Columbus Clippers is a minor league baseball team the next step up is the Cleveland Indians. After paying only seven bucks a pop for tickets we attempted to sit behind home plate before being shooed off by the usher. They were empty seats after all, I mean come on, but we moved anyway.  Moving on we were stopped by a co-worker working a concession stand who handed us a couple of Miller Lites on the house, another free beer for the night. We found some seats out on the right field line with a good view of home plate. After the game we called it a night so we headed home to sleep off the beer and BBQ.  

Friday, July 18, 2014

Greatest Compliment.... Ever!

I was told today that I look like Walker Texas Ranger, which basically means I look like Chuck Norris. I consider myself lucky.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Found this on the internet today and I thought three things;
1. This is a girl describing a fart?
2. A girl made a funny comment after a fart?
3. Why was the second girl on the phone while using the bathroom?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Shark Tracker

One of the coolest websites i have ever found; http://www.ocearch.org/

You can actually track sharks that have been tagged for scientific purposes by the researches aboard the M/V OCEARCH a massive research vessel spanning 126 feet and weighing in at 581 tons. the ship houses a hydraulic lift capable of pulling out 75,000 pounds worth of shark meat. the researches tag the sharks with a harmless tracking unit that releases after five years. the girls (because they are the biggest) to watch are;

  • Katherine is big great white tooling around the west coast of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico. she is a mere 14'2" long and tips the scales at 2,300 pounds.
  • genie, another white shark, longer than Katherine by only six inches weighs a few pounds less has been cruising around the D.C. area. 
  • across Florida and sneaking around Georgia's southern coasts is yet another white Lydia. Lydia measures 14'6" and weighs around 2,000 pounds. 
  • Miss Michalove is a tiger with a length of 11'2" but only weighs 650 pounds. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Keep Calm and Carry On

I have noticed an increase in popularity in the phrase, “Keep calm and…” usually finished off with something like “…Chive on” (a website name) or “…drink coffee” but I wasn’t sure, until yesterday, the origin of it. The original phrase “Keep Calm and Carry On” topped with the Tudor Crown (also known as the King’s Crown or Imperial Crown) was a motivational poster produced by the Brits in 1939 as they were gearing up for the second World War. And just today, I met a lady with a calendar book with the exact phrase on the cover which begged me to strike up a conversation about the phrase. The kicker, she was British. Needless to say she was impressed with the little knowledge I had of her countries war-time the slogan and crown.