Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Chest

Preciously I showed you an MRI of my "normal" brain. Well recently I had to get an updated chest X-ray, no worries though everything is normal, but I figured I would show you the X-ray of my chest. 
But wait, what is that? There in the lower right hand corner.
 tap*tap*tap* ENHANCE


Is that a dark mass? No, it's just poop.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Man Card

Found this card on the internet and after reading it I thought to myself, “Well I’m almost there.”

  1. I have grown and maintained a beard for over six years now.(true)
  2. I have killed an 11 point buck (per DNR rules), with a bow. I would consider it a 12 point but by the Dept of Natural Resources they describe a point as being at least one inch in height but I was taught if you can hang your keys on it, which I did. (true)
  3. No face scar…yet.
  4. I once rescued a turtle from the street and drove it a few miles to a pond. (true)
  5. I have smoked from a pipe. (true)
  6. I once bit a rattlesnake and it died (ok, maybe not).
  7. Built a cabin, with Lincoln Logs. (true)
  8. Catch a purse snatcher… I don’t carry a purse. (true)
  9. I have carried plenty of knives on many hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking trips.(true but never a Buckskin)
  10. Learn to weld is on my list to do.
  11. Never entered a lumberjack contest but I can juggle chainsaws while chopping wood. (no)
  12. I have been on many solo hiking trips and been on the AT plenty of times add those together close enough. (true)
  13. Rebuild an engine, I replaced an engine. Done. (true)
  14. Steve McQueen wishes he was 1/10th the man I am. (depends if he is on a motorcycle or driving a Mustang)
  15. Glenlivet 18 (18 year old Scotch), that one I will be honest about I haven’t had but have plans on trying that one.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Just a good weekend

Just wanted to share a few highlights from the weekend;

Friday- after work went out to eat with the wife and some friends and then went and saw the new superman movie. I’d recommend it.

Saturday- Amber and I took Penny out in the canoe for a bit. Penny did ok, she was skeptical at first but started to get used to it. We relaxed Saturday night.

Sunday- got up early again and went fishing with a friend in the rain. We caught four fish. Sunday evening me, Amber, and some friends are part of a volley ball league and we got our first win.

It was a good weekend.

But I wasn’t the only one who had a good weekend; Chris, who you have heard about in the past post Chris and Abandoned people, is building a mountain bike trail on some family land and when I asked, “do you have a trail map you are going by?” He responded with one of the best statements I’ve heard in a long time, “working by the feel of the woods.” I knew exactly what he meant. I felt it this weekend myself, even though I wasn’t doing any work. When we were in the canoe gliding along the water and again when I was standing on the bank fishing, just under some trees as the rain was falling. It’s just a feeling you get when you are out there. It’s a sense of enjoyment of being in the woods or on the water.

“Get outside. Leave the securities of your houses and technology behind. Step beyond the yards and roads, creep into the wilderness, and become engulfed by the raw feeling of nature. Grow with the trees and grasses, flow with the waters and the breeze. Breathe deep the aromas of the plants and flowers. Listen to the sounds that Mother Nature speaks. Get outside…”

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Penny's Frisbee

So, Penny's new favorite past time is catching the Frisbee. She will literally do it for hours.
My new goal, get a picture of her catching it. Here are my recent attempts;

Still a work in progress.