Friday, January 30, 2015

I'm going to be Daddy


Amber is creeping up to 20 weeks pregnant now and it has taken me this long to let the world know. I have been wanting to post something about becoming a dad but didn’t know what to write about, but then it hit me, just say it like you were screaming from a mountain top. As an expecting dad people ask me if I’m nervous, scared, or stressed and honestly I’m just flat out excited. I’m mean sure I’ve never changed a diaper or fed a baby but ill figure it out, right? I’ll be fine. Who needs sleep? So with 20 weeks left, a little less because of twins, we have started to buckle down on the nursery d├ęcor, cribs, strollers, and all the baby stuff we need… times two. Diapers are starting to pile up in the corner of the room that will be the babies’ room. Soon our house will look like a baby store, and after they are born it will look like a baby disaster. With two boys on the way, if they end up anything like me, they will be entertainment and workout machines all in two little packages. We will be able to get rid of the TV and treadmill. We will be chasing them all over the house. So, becoming a dad is going to change a lot of things in our life but I am excited and ready to take them on, both of them. 

"It's no use to preach to your children, if you can't act decently yourself."
                                                                            -Teddy Roosevelt

Friday, January 23, 2015