Monday, March 23, 2015


Some pictures of our recent trip to Chicago and the Art Institute of Chicago;
Us on the River Walk
The Chicago River dyed green for St Patrick's Day celebrations
"American Gothic" Grant wood
"Nighthawk" Edward Hopper
"Picture of Dorian Grey" Ivan Albright
"Old Man with Gold Chain" Rembrandt
16th century German armor
16th century English armor

Monday, March 2, 2015

As Read by Samuel L Jackson

Go the F**k to Sleep read by Samuel L. Jackson


Sunday afternoon at Clear Creek. 


I’ll start off with the two questions that everyone wants to know; the babies are growing, six months and they are over a pound in momma’s belly and Amber is doing great, a little tired but what do you expect, she is carrying two boys. A few mornings ago they woke Amber up with a battle royale in the belly trading kicks which means either soccer players or kung fu fighters. Our baby monitor came in the mail this weekend as a gif and of course these days they aren’t just the walkie-talkie type but have a camera, so of course we played with it. The four inch monitor shows you the temp of the room, has night vision, plays lullaby’s, and even has a motion/sound detector that activates the screen so you can watch your baby. Never thought I’d be that excited about a baby monitor. We also played with the car seats that we got last week and set up a crib. I can imagine what I looked like trying to get the car seat to detach from the base something like a caveman trying to work a computer. After a few walks around the house we realized how big our arms will get hauling these two little nuggets around. I’ll have plenty of chances to get some curls in that is for sure. Amber has a few books she flips through and fills me in on what to expect but her boss bought us the best book in the world titled, “Go the F**k to Sleep.” By far one of the funniest books I have ever read. Even better is I looked it up to find the author and found that they offer it on CD as an audio book read by none other than Samuel L. Jackson ( I literally just laughed for ten minutes just listening to the small excerpt from the reading. I highly recommend it. Cribs, car seats, outfits, monitors and diapers are among some of the baby goodies that we have acquired up to this point but still have plenty to get, along with getting the nursery done.  I’ll keep you posted these last few months and provide a few pics of the bump the finished nursery, and whatever else I come across. Until then go the fuck to sleep.