Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Danish and free...

Hei mit navn er PJ.  Hvor er pubben?  Til Bat mobile!  Jeg vil ride min cykel jer.  Jeg kan drikke sig fald.  Jeg er beruset. 

Hello, my name is PJ.  Where is the pub?  To the Bat mobile! I’m going to ride my bike there.  I may get drunk. I am drunk.

            Well that’s what I learned of the Danish language and if you are Danish and read that I apologize if it was incorrect.  I know it isn’t much but a few stupid comments and if you see me on the street don’t ask me how to say them because learning Danish from Google Translate isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Good thing I don’t have the money to get to Denmark because when I got there I couldn’t talk to anyone. 
            Speaking of no money, I came up with a topic this week to write about. Free things to do maybe even a few free objects you can get.  What brought me to this?  Well this past Friday I spent the day with my dad at the National Air force Museum in Dayton, Ohio.  Let me just say, it was awesome!  The museum was comprised of three huge hangers with hundreds of planes. Some were reproductions; some were restored planes, out of service planes, even prototype planes.  They had planes from 1909 up until the most recent F-22 Raptor (fighter jet).  Big planes, small planes, planes from Germany, Japan, USA, even two from Canada. There was a B-52 and a B-36 that were both almost the size of a football field.  Dad’s favorite the P-38 Lightening.  One of the first planes you see when you walk in is the Buckscar, the plane that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima.  Needless to say there were a ton of planes and I can’t wait to go again.  Oh and why does that make me think of free stuff, because admission is free.  That’s right a free museum.  After visiting the museum, we went to the Freedom’s Pride Military Tattoo.   The original meaning of military tattoo is a military drum performance, but nowadays it sometimes means army displays more generally.  Since it was next to the air force museum it was an military display of planes.  Oh and it was free.  So we got to sit and watch military planes fly over, with a beer (not free) in hand.
            So, even if you don’t live close to Dayton, Ohio and can’t make it to that museum there are other free things to do out there. I went to Columbus, Ohio’s city website and clicked on the event calendar.  There I sorted the events out by free admission and it came up with 342 events for music, film, festivals, art, and other events.  Like this Friday is RED, White, and Boom, Columbus’ fire work show.  Its free as long as you can find a park.  I’m sure your city website will have the same. 
            Outdoor activities are almost always free such as hiking, climbing, and biking.  I mean aside from the gear you have to buy, it’s free.  Going to the park and walking around or sitting on a bench and watch the people.  Some state parks have lakes that offer a beach, if you don’t mind a bit of a crowd on the weekend you can get a swim in. 
            Also, for you star gazers, check out any local observatories.  Perkins Observatory in Delaware, Ohio, which is on Ohio Wesleyan university campus, has some free nights that you can go and enjoy learning a little about the cosmos.   Some colleges have free admission to there own museums so you can get an idea of that colleges’ history.
            As far as free stuff goes, simple, type in free stuff on the internet and you will get millions of links to get a free sample here and a free sample there.  Giant eagle market place in upper Arlington Ohio has what’s called Foodie Fridays where they have countless free sample booths.  You could actually get full just walking around trying all the samples.    So needless to say, there are freebies out there you just have to look for them. 
My challenge this week is have free night, even though I did it last Friday.  Even if something un-free comes up I will still plan out a free night to save for a later date. Just to add a little more to that challenge I am going to plan a week as cheaply as possible.  That will include not just activities but groceries too.  Just to see how cheap one could live.   So until next week, keep your stick on the ice.

“Owl you need is love.”     -Kelly’s necklace

Saturday, June 18, 2011


            Aww the Danish.  Good ‘ol Denmark, always there to surprise you. A year ago if someone mentioned Denmark I wouldn’t have thought twice about it.  Now, on the other hand, I am completely fascinated by the small country. As you know from my previous blogs it is officially the Kingdom of Denmark, the happiest place on earth (Denmark and baking soda post), and one of the best photos ever has was taken over there(April Fools post), but recently, I have stumbled upon new highlights of Denmark
Did you know they have one of the worlds largest off shore wind farms?  A wind, farm per, wiki is “a group of wind turbines (massive wind mills) in the same location used to produce electric power.”  Horns Rev II (off the western coast of Denmark) is the second largest off shore wind farm in the world, second to Thanet Offshore Wind Project off the coast of UK.  Who knew that the Danish where so eco friendly. 
            Not only does Denmark produce super wind farms but they also produce super cars.  The Zenvo ST1 has a 7.0 liter V8 producing over 1100 horsepower.  What!?! You can’t be the happiest place on earth and have slow cars. Hell no.  You have to have a car that, because of safety and legal reasons, is electronically restricted to only go 232mph.  Why not produce such a car in a country that is just over 16,600 square miles (slightly larger than the state of Maryland).  I know what your thinking, “where can I get one and how much?”  Well unfortunately only 15 are being made and as for price a measly $1.2 million will get you in this steel cage wrapped in carbon fiber.  Better yet you won’t even have to go to Denmark to pick it up. It will be sold in the U.S. by Red Sea Distribution.  Better sign up on the waiting list.
            Aside from massive wind farms and super cars the country is beautiful.  There are massive castles, green rolling hills, beaches, and Copenhagen.  The capital and largest city of Denmark it is consider one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the world.  Of the 1.9 million people living in Copenhagen 36% commute to work on a bicycle.  Even the water in the inner harbor is so clean you can swim in it.  Considered a boom town it is ranked 10th most expensive city thanks to the wave of successful designers, architects and chefs.  Way to go Denmark.  Way to be an example of an awesome country. 
             On top of all these recent dicoveries, my blog page allows me to see where people are viewing my blog around the world, and yes I have one viewer in Denmark.  Awesome.  
            Needless to say, Denmark is by far one of my favorite places even though I have never been.  I will go someday and I will celebrate their awesomeness with them at a pub with a local brew. Until then I will marvel in their glory or until I am distracted by something else. 
           So, all this talk of Denmark got me thinking, “What’s a good challenge for me this week that has to do with Denmark? Got it!”  My challenge this week, learn some Danish.  I’m not talking the whole vocabulary, just a few common and simple phrases.  Oh, and for my challenge this past week, I spent time outside everyday walking, riding, and sitting on the porch.  So, until next week, være fremragende til hinanden (Danish for "be excellent to each other”, from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure). 

“To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.” 
-Thomas Edison

Sunday, June 12, 2011


    Well the past two weeks didn’t amount to much as far as exercise goes or eating healthy for that matter either. I did try to eat a little less at mealtime so hopefully that helps some.  I also rode my bike on the bike path, not to work because it was Sunday, but I did ride it to my office building, well I was a block short but almost.  It was blazing hot and I was dripping with sweat when I got done. There and back was a total of about 8 miles.  Let me just say that I am out of shape.  I was passed by everyone on the path and they weren’t breathing hard or look like they were even trying. I kept hearing from behind me, “on your left” then I would be passed.  Most of the people weren’t young people either.  At one point I’m pretty sure there was an eighty year old that passed me. 
    Aside from not getting much exercise I did spend some time outside, walking mostly.  Yesterday I walked down to the local bike shop to pick up a part and on the way there I realized something, I hardly look straight ahead when I walk. I look at trees, buildings, cars, and people.  I notice that a lot of people don’t look around.  They look straight with a look on their face of determination of getting where they need to go.  I just want to tell them to look around.  Take it all in, enjoy your surroundings. It was a beautiful day no need to stare at nothing but a distant finish line.  Makes me wonder how terrible I would be as a marathon runner.  Always getting side tracked I would probably miss a turn and get lost, never finishing the race.
    Multiple men’s magazines  come out each month with articles giving advice on what it takes to be a man or things every man should know one even has an add for a cookbook called “How to Eat Like a Man,” and with Father’s Day around the bend I figured I would talk about being man.  What better person to represent being a man than my dad.  He is a stern, strong tempered man at times and loving and caring the other times.  He never tells me, “men eat this” or “every man should know that,” but he did teach me how to be a man without me ever knowing that he was teaching me. He taught me baseball and how work on cars.  He taught me that you do whatever it takes to support your family and give them the life they deserve.  He worked countless hours to provide for the fam.  He never pushes me one way or the other but nudges me the way he knows I want to go then supports me the rest of the way.  He gave me the opportunity to be the person I wanted to be.  He is strong, courageous and compassionate all at the same time.  He never cries or shows weakness even though those emotions did exist in him.   He is the greatest man I have or will ever know, he is my dad, he is my hero,  he is a man.  I hope some day I am as great of a man as him.  Thank you dad.
     This week my challenge is to spend an hour outside every day.  Hopefully I will be getting some exercise.  So until next week, look around, take it all in and enjoy your surroundings.

“Never knock on death’s door: ring the bell and run away Death really hates that.”                                                           -Matt Frewer

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I am a slacker...

            Sorry kids, I have been slacking on my blog updates.  In my defense, the weather has been awesome, so I had to go outside.  If you read my last blog I said that I was getting back to my challenges starting with baking soda uses. Let me just say that brushing your teeth with baking soda(which my teeth didn’t get much whiter) tastes like brushing your teeth with ocean water and a bit abrasive to use every day as a face wash or soap but good in a pinch.  I didn’t need it for a tummy ache, an acne spot, or a deodorant and as for a shampoo, again not every day, mostly just because it is a pain to wash out.  I did learn that you can use it on your carpet as an odor remover, especially after a pet has used the area as their personal bathroom.  A couple of other uses include sprinkling a little down your drain to help with odors along with in the bottom of trash cans.  So, baking soda is a cheap and natural product to keep in your house at all times.
            I recently moved to an area that has a bike path that passes right in front of my office building so everyone in the area rides bikes and with the hike in gas prices makes me feel even more lazy and shitty for driving my car to work.  S o, back to my original idea of getting my mind and body in shape for the big day(T-minus 108 days) and since I have slacked off for the past month, I am going to have to work even harder.  I am going to keep it simple, no fancy diets or outrageous workout plans. Stick to 30-90 minutes of exercise a day, watch what I eat (and drink), ride my bike at least twice a week either to work or after as an exercise.  I also plan on spending as much time outside as possible whether it is riding, hiking, fishing, kayaking, or just sitting on the patio. 
            I have to talk a little about Memorial Day, because it seems I have talked about all the holidays that have passed already.   I’ll keep it short.  Really no need to talk about what it is for so thank you veterans for all you have done.  What did I do this weekend?  I drank too much, ate shitty food, hung out with some friends, and was lazy until Monday when I kayaked 12 miles and got completely burnt  and now I am in pain.  Oh and I went fishing with my dad and didn’t catch a damn thing.  Good weekend.
            So for next time challenge is to start getting my ass into shape and spend time outside.  Oh and finish the book that I started 2 weeks ago.   Until next week, walk away from the computer or TV and go outside.

“Man’s heart away from nature becomes hard.”   
                                                            -Standing Bear