Friday, May 22, 2015

36 Weeks,Fish, Running

Here we are at 36 weeks now and the boys are weighing in at just around five pounds each, giving Amber a grand total of just over ten pounds of baby in her belly. Needless to say, she is uncomfortable, feet swollen, babies are kicking her in the ribs and she still has 4 weeks to go. Our baby monitor, the one with the camera, can be connected up to four cameras so we bought a second camera (one for each boy) and of course after we had to test it out. We played with it for an hour or so taking turns talking and standing in front of the camera. The camera units even play music. We also strapped in the bases for the car seats in the cars, packed our hospital bags, and charged the camera, now we wait.

I took advantage of the warm weather and went fishing a couple of weeks ago and caught my first sauger. I wasn’t fly fishing just regular fishing, wading up Big Walnut Creek when I caught the toothy bastard. It was the only fish I caught that day but I did find a canoe, wedge up in some old tree branches and beat up pretty bad so I decided to leave it instead of trying to get it. If you know me, then you would know for me to find something is not uncommon but for me not to drag it home, no matter the condition, is a rarity. I spent my childhood dragging things home from the woods such as chainsaws, motorcycle tires, and creatures of all species.  Things that are junk to many really was a treasure to me. But it wasn’t all junk, some pieces of history as well such as arrowheads, a dog tag (army issue not veterinary issue), even a musket slug (bullet) with a little research told me it could date as far back as the 1800s.

The weekend before my fishing/canoe searching expedition I ran my second half marathon. The cap city half, same one I ran last year, finishing at one hour and fifty three minutes one minute slower than last year. A couple hours after the race I got an email with all my stats one of which being how many runners passed me versus how many I passed and it was depressing. I was passed by three hundred runners, but in my defense I started in the elite runners section… by accident. At the starting line they organize runners into corals, I was registered to be in “A” coral but instead of getting in “A”, actually should have been in the back of “A” almost in “B”, instead I lined up in the elite runners section just in front of “A”. Needless to say I was passed, a lot, especially at the start people just whizzed by me.  It wasn’t until I got my stats that I realized what happened. Even though I was slower this year, I was still satisfied that I finished in the top thirty percent of over 7,000 runners that ran the half. Some 15,000 runners, walker, and a few wheel chair athletes participated in the days’ events which including a 5k, quarter, and the half marathon. After the race a bite to eat and a few victory beers, then home to crash on the couch. It was a good day.  

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